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The Journey 

Dodd Properties founder, Fred Dodd, has been on the hunt for unique waterfront properties from an early age. He first set out for British Honduras, now known as Belize, where he made his first island purchase “Long Caye”.  His love of the countries diverse marine and rainforest environments then led him to form an expedition company known as IZE/Belize, which celebrated its 50th year in business in 2020, hosting faculty-led study abroad programs, adventurers and families to discover what he refers to as “nature’s finest classroom”. 


 From there the story goes on with his latest acquisition of a tiny island paradise smack in the middle of one of the countries cleanest lakes in Vermont.


The Dodd family opens up these beautiful properties during a select number of weeks each year for others to enjoy.  Join the fun and book your stay! 

 Fred's early expeditions to Central America  

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