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Oak Island, Maine 

Just ten miles off of the beautiful coast of Camden, Maine is Oak Island Wildlife Preserve. A spectacular 17 acre private island which the Dodd family opens up to a select number of people each season. Covered in meadows of wildflowers, lupine and spruce with miles of walking trails that circle the island offering breathtaking views of Penobscot Bay and the out islands. With five beaches, each with their own stunning landscapes you'll be hard pressed to choose one as your favorite spot. Special areas for collecting mussels during low tide for a scrumptious evening meal or afternoon picnic... simply heaven!  The island has two simple, rustic, off-the-grid cabins. The main cabin sits atop a knoll with windows on three sides overlooking the bay, an open floor plan with small table for eating, propane refrigerator, a camp two burner cooking area and is well equipped with cooking & eating utensils. Sleeping arrangements in the cabin are a double futon and two built-in twin window beds with some of the most amazing views you'll ever see!  The second cabin is situated on the east side of the island with a wrap around deck offering up stunning sunrises and windjammers as they sail up the bay. This cabin is equipped with a queen size bed and bank of floor to ceiling windows for taking in the view.  Although the accommodations are simple, rustic and off-grid, having the opportunity to call this island your own for a week its pure paradise! 


Make sure to reserve your private island stay with us well in advance!

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Oak Island Aerial Video

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If you are an adventurer who loves exploring Maine and loves islands, Oak Island is the place for you. We were a party of five ranging from 2 years to 71. All of us enjoyed the experience. There was enough to keep us active for the entire 7 days. [...] Leave your stresses behind you and welcome peace, tranquility, beauty beyond measure. Bring your stories for telling, your riddles and jokes, learn to bake on the grill!  Bring your wonder and marvel at the night sky. We will be back! You come too!

Andrew T. Airbnb

Pure bliss! Peaceful, beautiful, stunning.. one of the most magical get-aways I have ever taken. 

Brad M. 

You will be amazed at the beauty!!!!!! I went in the end of September and the weather was perfect. Warm sunny days and cool crisp nights that if you were to go outside around 2:30-3:00 in the morning, you will see the Milky Way and most likely many shooting stars. The island is perfect in my view. I will do it again next year or even earlier!

Alexander M. 

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